Whether you’re a high-growth innovative brand or an established company undergoing transformation, Pear can help your health and fitness business.

What PEAR can do for your business.

A revenue-driving consumer and enterprise platform.

Drive growth with a scalable cloud architected platform that offers a powerful suite of possibilities for your business.

Verifiable data and trusted customer insights.

Access highly usable and relevant health and wellness data and metrics that are tracked, trusted and meet compliance standards.

Stay connected to your consumers with devices they love.

Keep pace with your end users with an innovative platform that integrates with today’s most popular wearables and gym equipment.

Population Wellness

A personalized prescription of exercise to create positive health outcomes.

The PEAR Platform flips the healthcare model from one focused on treatment, to one focused on prevention.

The PEAR Platform establishes a unique physiological model for every end-user.

Studios & Fitness Facilities

PEAR will amplify the connection to your members with technology they will embrace.

Supercharge the coach and client relationship
with digital and live tele-coaching.

Offer smart interactive workouts for
commitment inside or outside the walls of your gym.

Transform community engagement with
shareable calendars and direct audio

Connected Fitness & Wearables

Creating a new era of precision health, wellness and fitness.

PEAR delivers hyper-personalized training plans, guidance, and insights to individuals through smart AI and human-touch coaching to more easily achieve health and fitness goals.

Government & Military

PEAR will boost the fitness and readiness levels of those who protect others so they can deliver during times of need.

Perfect for Military, Firefighters, Police and other First Responders. Curated content that is programmed specifically to deliver against the goals of your team. Verified data and coaching that tracks and provides performance improvements in real-time.

Corporate Wellness

PEAR will increase workplace health and productivity with relevant results you can see.

Improve the wellness results of your workforce with highly personalized wellness programs and health insights.

Kickstart your teams’ health journeys with in-your-ear coaching and curated content from our library of trainers.

Optimize your team’s motivation with data and coaching that provide performance improvements in real-time.

Race & Endurance Events

PEAR will improve long-term engagement and growth with commitment you can track.

Empower people to achieve their goals with a
platform that drives every step of the journey.

Build long term engagement that lasts well
beyond the date of your event with interactive
content and coaching.

Gain deeper insights on community members
with smart data that grows with every event.


Be known for a
smarter fitness and
wellness solution.