Release Notes

At PEAR®, we believe precision fitness data can transform our health and wellness.


Studio/Cast Release Notes:


- Bug fix: Device Connection Timeout Not Working on Cache None Device 
- Bug fix: Cast Connection Timeout (reload workout option) 
- Bug fix: Document page title on Direct workout not present/updating 
- Bug fix: Cast Ready States Not Showing 

- Studio workout screen infinite scroll pagination
- Freeform blocks support
- Cast full screen images use up more real estate on screen
- Exercise videos without title or attributes use up more real estate on screen 
- Bug fix: Cast: Long Text runs behind other exercises
- Bug fix: studio workout direct player
- Bug fix: images uploaded to cast are shown in low quality
- Update complete workout screen on cast to show device background and details
- Support pagination on studio workouts search page
- Bug fix: fix a build issue where translation file strings aren’t always showing after a new release
- Bug fix: fix load state looping issue on cast device that is part of a device group
- Transition full screen option for cast 
- Text and image block titles
- Text block multiline format option

- In studio device and channel player show current slide progression in addition to total workout time
- Forward and next slide buttons in following playback controls: device, channel, group device, studio direct
- In Studio direct, current slide information is shown on playback screen 
- Longer studio workouts are supported 
- Show total slide count in workout dialog

PRO Release Notes:


- Allow freeform blocks to be added to workout builder timeline 
- Add library image management 
- Exercises remove short description 
- Exercises add character limits to title and description 
- Update Strava callback to accept success param 
- Add NexGen feature flag for tenants, enable mobile assignment for NexGen tenant 
- Bug fix: studio workout builder - deleting item from timeline should only take affect on overall workout save
- Bug fix: studio workout builder - top duration label doesn’t always reflect current timeline duration 
- Bug fix: not able to create workout with an image from LF image library 
- Bug fix: equipment search disappears on no search results 
- Bug fix: Deleted Libraries still display on the Tenants page
- Show current version hash in about us dialog
- AI exercise tagging adjustments
- Remove additional locations references 
- Add character limits to workout title and descriptions
- Bug fix: fix incorrect verbiage on video search error
- Bug fix: Some Exercises in the Pear Sports Library display 'Add Video' when they should have video

- More PRO services have been migrated to common web library

- Ability to duplicate an exercise without the video
- Increase maximum studio workout length (support long workouts)

- Bug fix: studio workout builder duration bar is inaccurate 
- Bug fix: on adding a new block in studio workout timeline an error message is shown immediately
- Bug fix: inability to publish longer studio workouts 
- Bug fix: Avatar in My Profile does not update
- Bug fix: Updating another user avatar will update current user avatar
- Bug fix: Trainer is unable to create a studio workout
- Bug fix: Studio workout builder duration not updated on timeline changes