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The tele-coaching solution for training clients anywhere.

PEAR Pro is designed for any business model including gyms, fitness studios, wellness clinics, independent trainers and more. Your Trainers can now use PEAR’s Workout Builder to transform their in-person workouts to remote fitness programs. A rich library of studio-quality exercise videos can be combined to form an unlimited number of personalized workouts, customized with your branding elements. PEAR Pro training programs can be distributed to clients using the Mobile app or SDK solutions.


  • Custom Branding
  • iOS & Android App or SDK Integration
  • Interactive Audio & Video Coaching Wearable Integration
  • PEAR Coach Tool
  • Data Analytics Dashboard / API
  • Tele-coaching

PEAR Coach

The proven real-time coaching app.

There are coaching apps. Then there’s Pear Coach — the most advanced mobile app that features Training Intelligence™, real-time, interactive coaching and connectivity with biometric wearables. Pear Coach even provides users a deep content library of over 1000 dynamic workouts across 15+ modalities and symbiotic music integration for an immersive fitness and wellness experience like no other.

  • Interactive audio & video coaching
  • Wearable integration
  • Music integration
  • Data analytics dashboard
  • White label & SDK implementation

PEAR Connect

The community training tool for the fitness market.

Technology can be complicated. That’s why we made sure PEAR Connect is simple, low cost and completely intuitive. With a single click, a unique URL delivers workouts by email, text, or QR code — letting users instantly incorporate their unique style and brand into a full experience.


  • Responsive web app
  • No installation required
  • Instant publish
  • Device agnostic

PEAR Studio

Visual program casting for large studio screens.

No matter what programming style you have, we can visualize it. PEAR Studio is a full featured visual experience right at your fingertips. Our platform gives customers access to our library of over 2000+ video movements, or easily upload fully customized programming for classes without complicated technology or additional hardware purchases. Simply download our free app and use it as a dashboard to cast workouts to your TV with a click of a button.

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