PEAR for Enterprise


PEAR Connect

A community-based training tool for the fitness market


PEAR Connect is a digital fitness platform that simplifies the creation and delivery of visual programming. PEAR delivers a catalog of functional movement video snippets that can be arranged in custom sequences for unlimited programming options.


With a single click, a unique URL is generated to deliver workouts by email, text, or QR code. Workouts are instantly viewable on any device without the need to download an app and our platform gives users the ability to incorporate their unique style and brand into the full experience. 

PEAR Mobile

The proven real-time coaching app for enterprises


Now you can provide real-time, heart-rate based coaching in your app, with proven results. Members can select from over 1,000 dynamic workouts across 15+ categories like running, spinning, yoga and strength. They’ll be coached by Olympic-level trainers to reach their goals. Workouts can be performed indoors or outdoors, at any fitness level. Built-in integrations with major wearables include support for heart-rate sensors, GPS, and VO2Max.


PEAR can either host your custom-branded app, or we can embed PEAR’s real-time coaching solutions inside your existing app through our SDK.


Both solutions are available for iPhones, Android smartphones, and smartwatches like the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Fit.


The train your clients anywhere tele-coaching solution


PEAR Pro is designed for any business model including gyms, fitness studios, wellness clinics, independent trainers and more. Your Trainers can now use PEAR’s Workout Builder to transform their in-person workouts to remote fitness programs. A rich library of studio-quality exercise videos can be combined to form an unlimited number of personalized workouts, customized with your branding elements. PEAR Pro training programs can be distributed to clients using the Mobile app or SDK solutions.



  • Custom Branding
  • iOS & Android App or SDK Integration
  • Interactive Audio & Video Coaching Wearable Integration
  • PEAR Coach Tool
  • Data Analytics Dashboard / API
  • Tele-coaching