PEAR Square One Featured in Sporting Goods Intelligence and Urban Daddy


PEAR Sports’ debut product, the Square One, is featured in this week’s issue of Sporting Goods Intelligence. The article features a beautiful spread of the Square One, a product overview, discussion of retail partners and also includes a link to the PEAR Sports explainer video making it a comprehensive overview of PEAR’s innovative Training Intelligence™. Read the full length article here.

PEAR is also explained perfectly on in the article aptly titled, “PEAR Shaped–Like Strapping a Coach to Your Chest” and asks readers to, “Imagine a team of professional distance-running gurus analyzing your every jog and sprint, goading you on and putting together a workout plan to make you better. Well, now you have exactly that.”

The article also encourages you to brag about your latest PEAR workouts with your friends because, “nothing makes them jealous like running stats.”

The bragging starts here! What is your latest workout or performance goal that you want to shout from the rooftops?