PEAR+ Membership FAQ


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PEAR+ Membership

Activity Class and Intensity Balance
Tracking Only
Calibration Workout
"Your Fitness Number"
(VO2 Max) Calibration Workout
"Access to the Complete Workout Library"
Complimentary Workouts
*Total number varies on platform
Real-Time Heart Rate Monitoring
Biofeedback Tracking and Analysis
Personalized Workout Recommendations
Interactive Audio Coaching
Weekly Personal Activity Email Report
Training Programs
Unlimited Access to Your Workout History
Seamless Integration with Partner App
(e.g. Strava, Map My Fitness, My Fitness Pal)
In-workout Video
Individual Workout Scheduling
  1. What is the pricing structure of PEAR+ Membership?

    Membership can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis. The monthly membership rate is $5.99 and yearly is $39.99.

  2. Are training plans included in the PEAR+ Membership fee?
    Yes. The PEAR+ Membership includes all training plans and workout packs.

  3. How do the new changes to the PEAR+ Membership effect my existing membership?
    With the release of the 2.8 update comes a new membership structure that offers greater value to PEAR+ members. For all changes to expect Click Here.

  4. What happens if I choose to not become a PEAR+ Member?
    PEAR will hand select three complimentary workouts for you to enjoy. Additionally, the “Tracking Only” workout will still be available for you to use. PEAR encourages its users to become a PEAR+ member to fully experience everything PEAR has to offer to help fitness enthusiasts on their fitness journey whether it is training for a marathon, getting in shape or losing weight.

  5. Will the “Tracking Only” workout still be available if I choose to not become a PEAR+ Member?
    Yes, you will still have access to the “Tracking Only” workout without a PEAR+ Membership.

  6. What happens to the workouts I have downloaded if I cancel my PEAR+ Membership?
    Unfortunately, once you cancel your PEAR+ Membership you will not have access to any workouts that were downloaded since the transition to the new membership approach. Any workouts or plans that you purchased prior to the transition will remain in your account.

  7. What happens when trial period has expired?
    Once your PEAR+ trial membership expires, any workouts downloaded during the trial period will be no longer available. In order to regain access to PEAR’s complete workout library, a monthly or yearly membership can be purchased.

  8. Will I be able to purchase individual workouts and/or training plans a la carte?
    A la carte individual workouts are not available for purchase. Select training plans and workout packs are available for purchase on an a la carte basis. PEAR believes that this approach allows us to fully utilize our recommendation and curation engines without the limitations of item pricing, helping you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

  9. What is included with PEAR+ Membership?
    To see all the features of PEAR+ membership please see the chart.

  10. If you have not found the answer to your question, please reach out to