Brought to you by the experts at Lean for Life by Lindora Clinic and Pear's fitness coaches, the following three levels of workouts will get your weight loss journey started on the right path. The workouts range from beginner to more advanced and will promote fat-burning and improve weight loss results.

Lindora Lean for Life Fitness Programs

  • Level 1 – Just Move

    Let’s Move Today. These beginning workouts are designed to get you moving as you embark on your weight loss and fitness journey.

  • Level 2 – Keep Moving

    Step It Up. These workouts are designed to introduce stretching and easy strength building into your fitness routine.

  • Level 3 – You’re Moving

    Move Like You Mean It. These more intensive workouts are designed to step up your fitness routine and this level continues to increase your metabolism.

Meet Your Coaches

Fit Chef Katy

Fit Chef katy is a celebrity food, fitness and wellness expert . As a busy single mom of three she was proclaimed by LA Times as a “Jane of all trades,” and won over viewers on Food Network Star season 7 with her vivacious personality, healthy outlook on food, nutrition and exercise. Katy has been featured in many t.v. and online segments as well as magazine articles showcasing her favorite moves and meals. Katy is now partnering with Lean for Life to bring her expertise and energy to help you live like you mean it.

Robert Reames

Robert Reames, head trainer for the Dr. Phil show, is a weight loss specialist, group trainer, nutritionist, author and motivational speaker. He has been featured in multiple TV, radio, print and online media and has led the biggest weight loss challenges in daytime TV history. Thousands of pounds have been lost under his guidance.

Jenny Hadfield

Jenny Hadfield is a celebrated author and authority on running and regular columnist for Jenny specializes in Zero to Running programs and has a passion for motivating everyday people to take the first steps to getting fit and furthering their fitness goals.