Our Coaches

Train with our family of coaches from the convenience of your smartphone

Finding a personal trainer that you connect with isn’t easy. Everyone responds differently to different styles and methods. With PEAR, you don’t have to choose just one coach or style! We’ve created a team of hand-selected coaches that are accomplished authorities in their field. You now have the opportunity to be trained by Olympians and world-champions, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Get to know our coaches and work out with them where you want, when you want.

Never work out alone again.
Let our respected coaches help you reach your goals faster.

Featured Coaches

  • Andrew and Deena Kastor

    Andrew is an elite coach for marathoners and Olympians, including his wife Deena. Deena Kastor is an Olympian, world record holder and running celebrity.

  • Kaylin Richardson

    Four-time National Alpine Champion and two-time Olympic downhill skier, Kaylin will get you ready to attack any mountain and stay fit in the off-season.

  • Josh Crosby

    Josh Crosby is a former professional ultra-endurance athlete, Ironman World Champion competitor, and World Champion rower.

  • Kirk Olson

    Kirk Olson is responsible for developing and executing all aspects of strength and conditioning training for the Minnesota Wild Hockey organization.

  • Mirinda Carfrae

    Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae is a 3x Ironman World Champion and world record holder.

  • Jenny Hadfield

    Jenny Hadfield is a columnist for RunnersWorld.com and Women’s Running Magazine. Twice she was voted to the Greatist “Top 100 Influencers in Health and Fitness”.