Trainer Workouts

Trainer Workouts are created by the Admin or Trainer role, designed with a series of snippets or long form videos, and delivered through mobile apps.

Uploading Exercise Snippets (video)


How to upload Thumbnails (video)

Imagery is important.  Pro allows you to upload and utilize your company images to best define your content. 

Private vs Public Settings (video)

Pro allows you the capability to make your workouts available for selection, or to be kept behind the scenes per...

Create workouts with exercise snippets (video)

Snippets allow you to create a flexible workout with just the exercises to meet your users needs. 

Getting started with Pro, Trainer view. (video)

Trainers have the ability to invite and directly communicate with clients with personalized workout programs utilizing Pro...learn how here. 

Create a Workout, Add Thumbnail/Metadata, Preview (video)

Use this helpful step-by-step guide to create workouts using exercise snippets!

Add and Edit Equipment (how-to slides)

Pro allows you to select what equipment will be needed for exercises and workouts.  Here's how to manage that list...

Uploading Long Form Videos (how to slides)

Creating workouts with videos gives the user a great, continuous experience.  Here's how to upload that content. 

How to Upload Thumbnails (how-to slides)

Define your workout with dynamic imagery.  Here is how to upload thumbnails to select when creating workouts. 

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