Trainer Role

Users with a Trainer Role can communicate with clients through the mobile app, create and assign workouts, and view results helping increase the trainer/client connection!

PEAR Trainer: An Overview (video)

The Trainer feature within PRO allows Trainers and Clients to work together through the apps, learn more here!

Using the Calendar (video)

Keep your workouts and schedules organized using our integrated calendar in the PEAR Pro Trainer Platform.

Managing Users for Trainers (how-to slides)

Pro is a powerful tool allowing user management with ease.  Learn how here!

Connecting Trainer & Client (slides)

Pro not only gives trainers a platform to design workouts and design training plans, but also a vehicle to communicate...

How to Create a Custom Workout (slides)

Your workouts, your way...use Pro to create dynamic, robust workouts to distribute to your clientbase.

Assigning a Workout for Trainers (slides)

Learn how Trainers are able to assign workouts via the app to a single client, or to a group!  

Create & Assign Training Plans (slides)

Pro allows trainers to assign not only individual workouts to client but robust training plans as well!  Here's how!

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