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Learn how to distribute your workouts by utilizing our casting feature.

How to cast to a single device in Studio (how-to slides)

Create a Group of Devices (video)

PEAR Studio allows you cast workouts to a single device or a group of devices.  This video shows you how...

Download the PEAR Cast App (video)

Download PEAR Cast to your devices, connect to your Studio account, then distribute workouts to a single screen or to...

Utilizing the End Date setting when publishing workouts (video)

Control when your workouts are available for casting by selecting the End Date option

Device Set-Up (how-to slides)

Follow this quick guide for device connection.  Once your devices are connected, log into Studio for casting. 

How to cast to a single device (video)

In Studio, set up your devices as a Single or a Group.  This video shows how to set up a...

How to Publish Workouts to Studio (how-to slides)

Use this step-by-step guide to publish workouts to your studio account for casting. 

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