PEAR Studio

PEAR Studio

PEAR Studio is a multi-screen platform that delivers workouts to TVs and remotely controls them from a phone, tablet or computer. Easily manage simple single-screen scenarios or complex multi-screen layouts onsite, at home or on-the-go.

How to use Studio!

6 Articles

How to create workouts and distribute to a single or group of devices.

Cast your Workouts!

7 Articles

How to display workouts created in Pro to any device!

Keep your lists up-to-date for optimal tagging and program performance.

Your PROfile

1 Article

How to update and manage your profile information and image.

Learn how to control your content by uploading your own snippets and videos to Pro.

Create workouts with your style and format utilizing Pro's workout builder.

Welcome to Studio, let's get started!

Play & Cast

7 Articles

Learn how to distribute your workouts by utilizing our casting feature.

Uploading Exercise Snippets (video)


PEAR Studio Overview (video)

Casting workouts is simple with PEAR Studio...learn how here. 

Manage your profile in Studio (video)

This video will show how to update your profile with in the Studio platform.  

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