Upload your Exercise snippets (30 seconds or less, no audio) to this section as building blocks for your workouts.

Uploading Exercise Snippets (video)


Manage Equipment List (video)

When creating your exercises you can tag them with equipment.  Manage your equipment list to make your content searchable and...

Add and Edit Tags/Categories (how-to slides)

Tagging Categories is essential for a robust searching experience for your users.  Here is how to maintain this list to...

Create a Workout, Add Thumbnail/Metadata, Preview (video)

Use this helpful step-by-step guide to create workouts using exercise snippets!

Add and Edit Equipment (how-to slides)

Pro allows you to select what equipment will be needed for exercises and workouts.  Here's how to manage that list...

Uploading Snippets (how to slides)

Create workouts with a series of uploaded exercise snippets.  Learn how to upload these to Pro here. 

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