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Creating healthy, capable and resilient lives.

The new era in precision wellness
and fitness is here.


User activity is scientifically captured and interpreted to quantify the effects on each individual body.

Personal content powered by AI

PEAR’s AI proprietary system recommends scientifically tailored content based on where users are in their journey.

Real-time coaching

In-the-moment responsive guidance brings coaching to the next level, for more effective client engagement and experiences.

Your Business
Your customer

Your Business.

Your Customer.

Fitness SF

Improve fitness and wellness levels with real-time coaching.

PEAR is creating a higher level of programming through a broad range of rich and immersive custom content experiences for users of all fitness levels.

Increase engagement and retention through biometric insights.

Every body is different. That’s why PEAR quantifies individual users’ activities and behaviors. The biometric data is analyzed to determine the most optimal programs for the most effective results.

Build client base and revenue with PEAR’s coaching solutions.

PEAR is elevating fitness and wellness coaching with its revenue-driving proprietary platform that’s designed for both consumer and enterprise success.

Do more with smarter coaching solutions.

Unlock your business potential with automated, self-serve and human-touch over distance curated experiences.

Interactive Coaching.

Adaptive workouts that react in-the-moment to ensure you exercise correctly and are inspired continually.


Rep Counting.

Enables real-time interactive rep counting for exercises like push-ups, squats, box jumps and more.


Tele-Coaching Sessions.

Provide in-the-moment responsive guidance for best engagement, entertainment and efficacy.

Content Creation Tool.

Delivers easy-to-use tool to edit and share proprietary and personalized interactive fitness experiences.

Biometrics Analysis.

Tracks and analyzes caloric output, body composition data, VO2MZax and other insights.

Community Engagement.

Strengthen your connection to users with push notifications, direct messages and voice memos.