PEAR Training Intelligence System + Warrior Dash Workout Bundle

Train like a warrior with the PEAR Training Intelligence System and the full set of Warrior Dash workouts to get you ready to crush it on race day!


PEAR Mobile Training Intelligence System for iPhone® & Android
Warrior Dash Bundle Pack

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Everything you need to take your Warrior Dash training to the next level.

The PEAR Training Intelligence System includes:

  • Bluetooth wireless heart rate monitor.
  • Stride sport earphones.
  • Integration with Warrior Dash Training app.


*Compatible with iPhone 4s and up and most Android devices running OS 4.3 and higher with Bluetooth 4.0.

Designed by PEAR coach Nancy Halterman exclusively for Warrior Dash, these workouts and race day simulations will guide you step by step through a wide variety of engaging workouts, helping you build total body fitness in a time-efficient manner to get Warrior-ready for race day. Nancy will provide clear instructions, helpful tips, encouragement, and smash talking to get your butt in gear!

Workouts include:

Race Simulation 1

Race Simulation 2

Race Simulation 3

Treadmill Run 1

Treadmill Run 2

Total Body Conditioning

Muscle Endurance 1

Muscle Endurance 2

Muscle Endurance 3


Back and Chest



PEAR Training Intelligence System + Warrior Dash Workout Bundle

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