About Us

PEAR zen at sunset.

PEAR Training Intelligence was born from the desire to make the latest training science accessible and usable for anyone looking to attain a fitness or performance goal. Developed by a passionate team of entrepreneurs with athletic, technology and design backgrounds, the PEAR vision is simple - to train smarter and enjoy it so that you can get the most out of each workout and accomplish your goals.

PEAR understands that there is more to performance than just science, and that attaining goals also requires a little bit of magic: the boost you get from an upbeat song, a coaching cue that inspires you to dig deeper, a brand new workout to keep you motivated. PEAR takes care of the scientific calculations so you, the PEAR athlete, can focus on following your training plan, running your workouts and taking your performances to new heights.

Heart rate based training has long been acknowledged as one of the most accurate and effective training methods for reaching athletic and fitness performance goals. But, understanding how to plan and interpret heart rate based workouts is tedious, confusing and time consuming.

PEAR eliminates the distraction and the difficulty of using and understanding a heart rate monitor, the chore of calculating your pace and distance and the need to look down at your watch. PEAR goes beyond existing training devices and provides interactive, real-time audio coaching from world-class coaches and on-demand audio stats all while infusing your workout with music for maximum results and enjoyment.

The PEAR Training Intelligence System is a game-changing technology to help runners of all levels maximize their potential and reach their highest goals.


Kristian Rauhala

Kristian is President and Co-Founder of PEAR Sports. He is an entrepreneur who seeks to turn his passions and interests into new endeavors. Kristian was formerly the CEO and Co-Founder of H2O Audio, a product that provides waterproof audio products with high quality sound. Prior to that, Kristian co-founded Ohmlop, LLC, an earth friendly technology company that focuses on eco-friendly alternatives for consumer electronics products. An avid triathlete and surfer, Kristian lives in Solana Beach, CA.

Bob Allison

Bob Allison is the founder and managing partner of Innovate Partners, LLC, an operationally oriented private investment and advisory company serving emerging growth companies. Innovate has been the lead investor in a number of successful emerging companies including Jabra, InterWorks, Innovate Motorsports, Emisense and Ultimate Ears, amongst others. Mr. Allison also served as a General Partner of Edgewater Private Equity Funds, based in Chicago from 1998 through 2004. A devotee to fitness, surfing, skiing and outdoor adventure, Bob is a co-Founder of PEAR Sports alongside Kristian Rauhala.