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Welcome to the Zero to Running Program – the fun and simple way to go from the couch to running 30 minutes in no time at all! During this training plan, Coach Jenny Hadfield will guide you step-by-step through an easy to follow learn to run program. Every run will start and finish with walking to gradually ease your body into running and bring it back to reality when you’re done.

The middle part of the workout is where the fun happens – we’ll sprinkle in short bits of running and walk to recover. The goal is to finish feeling good and strong and if you could go a little further (but we won’t). So if you’re finishing completed exhausted, dial down the speed a little bit. The program will progress each week as we bump up the running time. Don’t worry if you miss a session or even a week, you can repeat these workouts to make sure you are ready for the next level.

Listen to your body – if you feel the progression is too much, repeat a week and progress after that. The key is to create a running life you enjoy – the more fun you have in these workouts – the more you’ll want to repeat it again. Strap on your shoes, find a flat path or road or treadmill and get ready to get your run on!

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Zero to Running Plan*
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