5K Training Plan Level 2*

Coached by Matt Fitzgerald

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*Pear Mobile Name: FASTER 5K RUNNING

This 10-week training plan was designed especially for runners who have completed at least one 5K race and want to improve their time in the next 5K. The plan’s low weekly mileage makes it appropriate for those who are still relatively new to running, but the introduction of higher intensities ensures improvement. There are four scheduled runs per week throughout the plan, ranging from 25 minutes at the start to a maximum of 6.2 miles in week 9. You should be able to comfortably run at least 4 miles before you start it.

10 weeks

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5K Training Plan Level 2*

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Great Plan

by Marisa - March 12, 2013

I just finished this plan and did well in my 5k! I especially noticed how strong I felt at the end of my race. The fast finish workouts really helped!
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