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PEAR is the smart training system that coaches you in real time, creating the ultimate workout experience and making sure you’re always training optimally.


Heart rate based, real-time coaching Available for iPhone and Android

By calibrating to your body and understanding your goals, the PEAR system goes beyond simple tracking and coaches you in real time through your smartphone, keeping you on track and motivating you along the way.

Training Kit Includes:

  • Bluetooth® Heart Rate Monitor
  • PEAR Stride™ Earphones with Earlock bySurefire Retention System
  • PEAR Training Intelligence App for iPhone and Android®
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  • “...PEAR's devices work perfectly when synched together, and it's a ton of fun.”
  • “...workouts that will ease neophytes into the joys of achieving that endorphin rush.”
  • “...the easy-to-use coaching app can announce your mileage, or if you need an extra push, coax you to pick up the pace.”
  • “The motivational push of having a real person’s voice in your ear during a tough workout is a major plus.”
  • “...workouts that will ease neophytes into the joys of achieving that endorphin rush.”

Real-Time Audio Coaching

PEAR acts as your personal trainer, delivering real-time coaching, support and data feedback while you listen to your favorite music.

Training Plans From The Pros

Whether you want to lose some extra pounds or crush your next marathon, PEAR has a training plan that is right for you.

Track & Analyze Results

Review your training results during or post workout. Track your progress and share your performance with friends.


PEAR is powered by a team of world-class coaches and elite athletes with unique fitness and athletic specialties, ranging from running to weight loss to yoga to specialized sport and race training.

Andrew and Deena Kastor


Matt Fitzgerald


Nancy Halterman

Fitness and Strength

Eric Jackson

Fitness and Strength

Jenny Hadfield


Kaylin Richardson

Fitness and Strength

Michelle Lovitt

Fitness and Strength

Noelle Kozak

Fitness and Strength


Weight Loss

Andrew and Deena Kastor


PEAR Coach
Mammoth, California

ABOUT Andrew and Deena Kastor

Andrew is the head coach for the LA Marathon, as well as an elite coach for many marathoners and Olympians, including his wife Deena. As a world champion, marathon record holder, and Olympian, Deena Kastor is an expert and celebrity in the world of running.

Andrew and Deena Kastor Training Plans & Workouts

Beginner Perfect Taper $9.99

Intermediate Perfect Taper $9.99

Advanced Perfect Taper $9.99

Easy Run + Strides 1 Free

Long Run 1 Free

Tempo Run 1 Free

Noelle Kozak

Fitness and Strength

PEAR Coach
Corona Del Mar, California

Connect with Noelle Kozak

ABOUT Noelle Kozak

Noelle has been a pioneer within the development of continuing education courses in stand up paddle for personal trainers, yoga instructors and physical education teachers that can be enjoyed at resorts, universities and other locations around the world.

Noelle Kozak Training Plans & Workouts

SUP Resistance Band Free

Stand Up Paddle Blast Free

SUP Fat-Burn Free

SUP Endurance Building Free

SUP Calorie Blast Free

SUP Tempo Paddle Free

Noelle's Story.


Weight Loss

PEAR Coach
Studio City, California

Connect with Robert Reames


Robert Reames (RR) is a personal and group trainer, nutritionist, author and motivational speaker. He has been featured in multiple TV, radio, print and online media including The Doctors, Dr. Phil, and Fox News. RR has led the biggest weight loss challenges in daytime TV history and 1000s of lbs. have been lost under his guidance.


Bikeblast Sprint Free






Robert's Story

Eric Jackson

Fitness and Strength

PEAR Coach
Sparta, Tennessee

Connect with Eric Jackson

ABOUT Eric Jackson

Four-time World Champion kayaker, and founder of Jackson Kayak, Eric is most proud of coaching his family and team to over 15 World Championship gold medals in whitewater kayaking. He is now extending his successful training regimens to you. Eric's PEAR workouts are exactly what he has used and currently uses to train for international competition. Build your core, upper body, endurance, and power like never before! Since Eric is president of his company, a father, husband, and athlete, time is valuable to him. No time is wasted, as he strives for maximum benefit in minimum time.

Eric Jackson Training Plans & Workouts

Run-Push-Jump-Run $4.99

Power Kayak Mixer $9.99

Fat Off Muscle On $4.99

Multi-Speed Cardio Blast Free

Power Kayak Free

Eric's Story

Jenny Hadfield


PEAR Coach
Chicago, Illinois

Connect with Jenny Hadfield

About Jenny Hadfield

Running and fitness expert and adventure-preneur who inspires every day mortals to run their best lives and earn beautiful views. She touches over a million readers that span the globe in her newsletters, blogs, column and videos, and hosts active adventures all over the world.

Jenny Hadfield Training Plans & Workouts

Long Run - 18 Miles $0.99

Long Run - 19 Miles $0.99

Long Run - 20 Miles $0.99

Busy Person's 13.1 $19.99

Zero to Running 5k $9.99

Zero to Running 10k $14.99

Post Run Strength Mini Free

Post Run Flex Mini Free

5k Run / Walk $4.99

Kaylin Richardson

Fitness and Strength

PEAR Coach
Park City, Utah

Connect with Kaylin Richardson

ABOUT Kaylin Richardson

Four-time National Champion, and two-time Olympic skier. Now an instructor and ambassador at Canyons Resort in Park City, Utah, Kaylin is still winning free skiing competitions around the country and starring in the latest Warren Miller films. She brings her years of Olympic training to PEAR to get you ready to attack any mountain.

Kaylin Richardson Training Plans & Workouts

Ultimate Warmup FREE

Ultimate Warmup-Tutorial FREE

Back to Basics Circuit FREE

Power Pack Interval Run Free

Super Combined Circuit 1 Free

Super Combined Circuit 2 Free

Kaylin's Story

Michelle Lovitt

Fitness and Strength

PEAR Coach
Brentwood, California

ABOUT Michelle Lovitt

M.A., Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Fitness Expert. As a celebrity trainer in the Los Angeles area, Michelle specializes in weight loss and body sculpting. Her background in Exercise Physiology is why her methodology and results reside in heart rate based and high intensity interval training.

Michelle Lovitt Training Plans & Workouts

HIIT 30 Thirties FREE

Burn Fat Get Fit 2 $0.99

Burn Fat Get Fit 3 $0.99

Get Hollywood Hot in 60 Free

Train Smarter Not Harder Free

Burn Fat Get Fit 1 Free

Michelle's Story

Matt Fitzgerald


PEAR Coach
Irvine, California

Connect with Matt Fitzgerald

ABOUT Matt Fitzgerald

World-class coach, fitness expert, author and certified sports nutritionist with PEAR training plans ranging from starter, intermediate and advanced levels to 5k, 10k, half-marathon and marathon training plans.

Matt Fitzgerald Training Plans & Workouts

Fat-Burn 1 Free

Faster 5K Running Free

Speed Play 1 Free

New Rules 26.2 Beginner $29.99

Racing Weight $19.99

Quick Tone 1 $0.99

Fast Finish 2 Free

Injury Prevention $1.99

1 Week Weight Loss Plan Free

Nancy Halterman

Fitness and Strength

PEAR Coach
Newport Beach, California

Connect with Nancy Halterman

ABOUT Nancy Halterman

Talented and skilled fitness professional with more than 7 years experience in developing, promoting and delivering exceptional personal training. Nancy brings passion, energy, and inspiration to her workouts leaving her clients feeling drenched and empowered.

Nancy Halterman Training Plans & Workouts

Tread'N'Shred Beginner 1FREE

Tread'N'Shred Moderate 1 $0.99

Tread'N'Shred Advanced 1 $1.99

Tread'N'Shred Beginner 2 Free

Tread'N'Shred Moderate 2r $0.99

Tread'N'Shred Advanced 2 $1.99

Nancy's Story

  • Plans From the Pros.

    PEAR features hundreds of training plans ranging from running to mountain biking to yoga and more, and at various levels of intensity. Each unique workout gives you the ability to train with a world-class coach right by your side.


    Let this fun and simple program take you from zero to running a full 30 minutes in no time at all.

    Play Audio Sample

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